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March 29, 2022
We just launched a Closet in Decatur Township which serves all 7 schools - one being the high school. This is our first high school. In addition, we started a large Closet to serve all Perry Township schools.

Greeting to all of those who have been following our Shoe Closets journey to help elementary school children in Indianapolis by buying sneakers, socks and undies!


I am so happy to announce that God has risen up another team to take on the joyful duty of buying and giving shoe to those kids who could use a boost, in our pubic schools. 

Sabrina Young, a nurse, wife of Dr. Ken Young in Greenwood, has decided to dedicate her time to this work. She is in contact with all of the schools we were previously helping, developing goodwill, and working together to serve the children. 

Please show your support as she and her team give their energy to this project. Those of you who may want to continue in your past roll, please call her at 317-724-6522. 

Thank you for your support. Mike and I will be supporting Mrs. Young and hope you will too!

Peace and blessings,

Barbara Olmstead

Thank you Barb for the introduction to a wonderful group of donors, volunteers and prayer warriors of the Shoe Closets. Our new name is now Shoe Closets Plus, but our mission has stayed the same! I am blessed to be able to continue your works. 

I'd like to ask three things of you:

1) I would like for you to continue with your prayers for Shoe Closets Plus and the children that we serve.

2) I would please ask for your financial support. Since we are starting over, out finances are starting at a minimum. 

3) Anyone who would be willing to volunteer for delivering shoes or participating in upcoming fund raising events, to please contact me.

We are fortunate to have Concerts for a Cause select us to be one of their 2021 financial beneficiaries. Please mark your calendar for June 25, 2021, 6-9:30pm, for a concert at The Ambassador House at the Heritage Park, 10598 Eller Road, Fishers, Indiana. For more information and to buy tickets, visit 100% of your ticket purchase will go to support our organization!

To control costs, we would like to update communication options with you. If you have an email, please share it with us at

God Bless, 

Sabrina Young


5910 Bryan Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46227

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