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About Us

Shoe Closets Plus seeks out schools with children in need. Once identified, a closet, cabinet or space within the school is filled with all sizes of tennis shoes and socks. Staff at the school is then able to take the child to the closet to pick out and get fitted for a new pair of shoes. The excitement from the child when receiving a new pair of shoes is indescribable!


We currently service over 50 schools. If you know of a school in need of a Shoe Closet, please reach out!

Shoe Closets Plus is a local 501(c)3 charitable organization that depends 100% on the generosity of the community in order to provide shoes for children in need. Financial contributions enable us to purchase shoes, socks and underwear to maintain the closets and start new closets in other schools. 

We operate with all volunteers - no paid staff. Every dollar donated helps fund schools in areas of Indianapolis and surrounding districts. In-kind donation of new shoes and socks and the hundred of hours of volunteer support are critical as well. When you contribute to Shoe Closets Plus, you make an investment, not only in the lives of children, but the lives of their families and community. 


Sabrina Young


Kelly Newman


Amy Reed

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